Here is a selection of beaches and harbours near Can Búho. There are more than the ones listed here, but these are our favorites.



The mediterranean Sea is close to Can Búho. In few minutes you are at one of the many beaches or harbours villages.





The natural beaches near Can Búho


Walking to Cala Magraner takes about half an hour. Who enjoys hiking can go for strolls in the nature reserve and visit more un-urbanised bays with beaches. But its not for kids or people who not really enjoy hiking because in sommer time it's really hot. Spring or autumn are ideal for walks. The perfume of wild rosemary, the salty air, the calling seagulls above and the glistening sea below the cliffs are an inspiring experience, especially in the early morning or evening. Do not forget a torch light and enough water (in summer). The exact description of the way is in the house.


Evening at Cala Magraner.





Cala Varques


Few years ago this beautiful natural bay was a real secret. There were days you could be alone there. It is still like this in spring and autumn, but still the walk of a quarter of an hour to come here is worth the while. It is 2 minutes wiht the car and ca 10-15 minutes walking. In the house you find the description of how to get there.


Pirate anchoring in Cala Varques.





Beaches to get to by car


Porto Cristo Novo


Two very nice bays thet are perfect for families with kids that are a 6 minutes drive away from the Finca.


How to get there: leaving the Finca turn right until to the side road to Porto Cristo Novo (after the side road to Playa Romantica). There you follow the signs that lead to the restaurant Albatros. You can park directly in front of the restaurant Albatros. Opposite from it a small way leads down to the bay of Cala Anguila. The Cala Mendia is in the same urbanisation. To get there, you have to turn right at the first houses when entering Porto Cristo Novo on the way described above.


Cala Porto Cristo Novo





Playa Romantica


Also very nice is the Cala Estany d'en Mas is now been called Playa Romántica. It is ca. 4 minutes by car from the house. How to get there: out of the Finca, turn right and follow the street until you come to the side road that has the sign Playa Romántica.


Playa Romantica





Porto Cristo


Porto Cristo is the harbour of Manacor. Many people from Manacor have a summer house here. So the beach here is been visited also by mallorquineans. It is ca. 10 minutes from the house. To get there turn right when leaving the Finca and automatically get there.


The beach of Porto Cristo with the harbour in the background.





Sa Coma


Playa Es Fogons is an intermediate seized beach at the east end of Sa Coma. Ca. 18 minutes away from the Finca. Just left of the beach is very nice nature to go there for a walk (to the Punta de n'Amer, walking distance ca. 30 minutes. It's a defense tower from the 17. Cent.). Behind the beach is a Ranch where you can hire horses and ponies for your or your kids (Rancho Sa Coma, Tel. 971 810530).


To get there turn right when leaving the Finca and just follow the main street until you get there (drive through Porto Cristo and just follow the main traffic flow). The beach lies at the eastern edge of the urbanisation.


You will also pass the Safari Zoo. African animals in a park and you drive through with your car. Nice if you come here with kids.



Playa Es Fogons 







An urbanisation where many Mallorquineans have a beach house, very close to Sa Coma. The beach is not the nicest in this place. The Restaurant Es Mollet (Zum Onkel Willy, Tel: 0034 971 810 022) is really recommendable though. Here you can have seafruits, fish and meat in typical dishes. Both Mallorquineans and tourists enjoy coming here. The restaurant is just right of the little beach there, at the Punta Moreia.


To get there: in the middle S'Illot is the Avenida de los Pinos (a brad street with pine trees standing at its edge). You can park here and walk a few steps to the left (facing to the sea) where the restaurant is at the corner.


The other attraction in S'Illot is the bay of Cala Morlanda. If you park somewhere in the middle of the urbanisation you can take a beautiful walk along the shores to the right. Very nice landscape. ca. 16 minutes from the Finca.




Landscape of S'Illot bay.





Cala Millor


Nice sandy beach of almost 2 km legth. Here you combine a walk or lying on the beach with eating in one of the restaurants or visiting one of the cafés. Here are many hotels, but it's more quiet than Palma's beach Arenal.


To get there turn right after leaving the Finca and follow the main street for ca. 25 minutes (trough Porto Cristo). The side way to Cala Millor has a sign.



Playa Cala Millor of about 2 km length.





Cales de Mallorca und Cala Murada


Next to each other lie these two beaches and urbanisations. They have much more vivid (night) life than Porto Cristo Novo and Playa Romantica. So families with kids better go to these. They are about 7 minutes away from the Finca and you get there by turning left when leaving the Finca until you come to the sign to Calas de Mallorca.





Porto Colom


The large natural harbour of Porto Colom is ideal for a short walk at evenings with a visit to one of the really good restaurants there (right at the mole with nice view over the water).


To get there turn left when leaving the Finca and follow the signs. In Porto Colom follow the signs that lead you to the mole (Muelle). There you can park. Ca. 15 minutes away from the Finca





Cala Figuera


Cala Figuera is a top destination for a beautiful walk in the evening. Here the world is still how it was in the old days. You still can find fisher men knitting nets and walk along the cosy harbour. Ideal for photographers as there are many nice views around the boats, the water and the houses. There are some cafés and restaurants here too and it's not far away from Porto Colom and its restaurants there neither. Ca. 30 minutes from the Finca.


To get there turn left when leaving the Finca and follow the signs to Santanyi. After passing Santanyi on the street that goes around the village of Santanyi, follow the signs to Cala Figuera on the right.


Cala Figueras





Cala Santanyi und Cala Llombards


Two very nice and larger sandy beaches in older urbanisations. Very nice for kids. Ca. 30 minutes from the Finca. 


To get there turn left after leaving the Finca and follow the signs to Santanyi. Pass Santanyi on the main road and follow the signs to Cala Llombards.


In Santanyi is the excellent Indian Restaurant India. Why not building in a second small holiday into your holiday and have a short visit to India? On weekdays they have a menue with reduced prices. You cannot fail it when entering Santanyi. It is just at the entrance of Santanyi when comming from the Finca  (Tel: 0034 971 65 30 77).


Cala Llombards





Cala S'Almunia


Cala S'Almunia is our top recommended destination. Landscape is phantastic and romantic. Two small bays are next to each other. The sea sparkle in clear blue tones and you have stunning views from the cliffs. Walk around a little to explore and take a bath is the cute baylets! 


We want to keep the secret among us and our guests. So in the house you find a detailled description of how to get there.


Beautiful landscape at Cala S'Almunia   Hidden bays and sparkling sea!





Playa Es Trenc


Behind the village Ses Salines and the area where they produces salt (today a nature reserve with more than 150 species of birds, among those are flamingos) is the famous beach Es Trenc with it's 6 km of length. Visiting it you can park in the urbanisation of Colonia de San Jordi.


To get there you need ca. 45 - 50 minutes from the Finca. You can combine your excursion with visiting the Botanicactus park that features 400 different plants or with the ostrich farm and boutique called Avestruz (at the road between Colonia de Sant Jordi and Sa Rapita). Ses Salines has become a nice center in the last years with restaurants, bars, cafés and shops.