The second largest city of the island, Manacor, is only 10 minutes away. Here you can visit the pearlfactories or go for shopping. Or visit the caves at Porto Cristo also at 10 minutes distance or one of the colourful markets in the villages around. Or take a romantik walk in the evening in Cala Figueras or Porto Colom. Or enjoy the stunning views from atop of one of the mountains around that have monasteries on top. If high-life, shopping, golf, restaurants or simply silence and nature. At Can Búho you have it all very close.


What more is there than just nice beaches? A lot! (the photo shows Playa Es Fogons, see "Beaches")






The markets are different in character and seize from village to village. Next to fruits and vegetables there are sometimes stands with really nice things to buy.


Flowers and Live-music on the week markets of Mallorca.   



Monday is market day in Manacor: here you find all practical stuff for your kitchen and house and some stands with handbags, scalfs and summer dresses. It's not a touristic market and serves what the Mallorquineans need.


Tuesday is market in Campanet and the caves of Campanet are the nicest in Mallorca. From hereit is little distance to Inca, where there is an important leather industry and many leather shops and outlets for shoes and bags, etc. (the shoe brand Camper has been invented here). You can also visit the small town of Artá near Campanet. They have a castle that can be visited.


Wednesday is worth a visit to Sineu: the market here is one of the nicest of the island. Here is where the farmers buy and sell their animals. In the small alleys around the church are stands with really nice things for girls and boys and ladies and lords... several musicians play their music in the streets.


Saturday is market day in Santanyi. If you look in the link "Beaches" you can see more things with wich you can combine your visit of Santanyi market.


Sunday is market day in Felanitx. Also this market is really nice. Combine your excursion with a visit to monastery Santuario de San Salvador. From this mountain near Felanitx you have a great view over the coast line. 







In the summer months there are many festivals in the villages of Mallorca and its a nice occasion to see the culture. Streets are adorned and people love to dance. To know where there is a festival during your stay, ask us or the personal in the Finca.


At Easter there are spectacular processions at good friday for example in Manacor. In the week after good friday there many pilgrimages take place to the monasteries and chapels of the island.


In the magic night of St. John 23. to 24.06 thousands of Mallorquineans go to the beach to spend the night there. Candle light romantic and picknicks under the stars. When the sun rises in the morning everybody takes a bath, some hoping, some believing that this way they cannot fall sick during the whole year. Still today there are many magic rituals taking place this night. This night has magic powers. In all cases: visiting the bustling beaches is nice to see. People prefer the long sandy beaches.


At 16.07 Porto Cristo celebrates the festival of Sta. Carmen. The Patron of all fisher men and sailors is - after the service - been carried out to sea on a boat and all other boats take a round around this boat to ensure their good luck. Worthwile the visit.


By the end of July/ early August thousands take a pilgrimage to the monastery of Lluch.


Who visits the Finca Can Búho at 02.08 should not miss to go to Pollença. This day is the spectacular inscenation of the battle "Christians  agains Moors". And everybody takes place in historical costumes and arms of wood.


On  Candkemas on 15. August there are processions in many villages.







Very close to the Finca are the caves of Hams and Drac in Porto Cristo (10 minutes by car). Do not visit the Hams caves because they are black from the torches they used in the early 20. Cent. Drac caves are nicer and include a ride on a subterranean lake.


There are many not touristic caves in Mallorca. Their entrances lie well hidden under bushes. With some luck you can find christals on the Finca that stem from such caves. In the small wall around the pool, the last stone on the left is a stone with such christals.





Vall D'Or Golf


Going to Porto Colom on your right you pass Vall D'Or Golf, ca. 10 minutes from the Finca (Tel: 0034 971 837 001). 18 holes and nice views over the sea. Leave your heavy golf gear at home and simply take ours that we rent to our guests for free!





Els Calderers


For friends of the mallorquinean culture we recommend the farm house-museum Els calderers. Here you can study the ancient life on a traditional farm. To get there go to Manacor and then to Villafranca. Pass Villafranca on the motor way and after the roundabout there is the side way with a sign. Ca. 15 minutes from the Finca.





Is that all?


No! Mallorca is wonderful and one holiday is not enough to see it all, castles, chapels, monasteries, churches, museums, landscapes, restaurants and other things.


What other things? What about a ballon ride, paragliding or a helicopter ride?  Who wants to drive the sea can book an adventure trip and  explore a cave by boat and climbing combined with snorkeling. Or would you like to hire a sailship or motor boat? There are also some ranches with horses.


All these activities you find around the Finca Can Búho. In the house you  will find detailled information and contacts for these activities.